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The Project

Partnering with Oyster Ridge Music Festival (ORMF) has been a truly enriching experience for our agency. Being located in the same town as another one of our valued clients, Fossil Fuel Coffee Co., has provided us with a deep understanding of the vibrant culture that defines this small Wyoming community. In 2023, we were honored to take on a comprehensive role in enhancing ORMF's online presence and visual identity. Managing their social media platforms allowed us to connect with a broader audience, spreading the festival's message of music, community, and celebration.

Revamping their website provided a central hub for festival-goers to access information, purchase tickets, and engage with the event's offerings. The design of the stage banners was a pivotal element in creating an immersive and visually captivating experience for attendees. This integrated approach resulted in a seamless and compelling representation of ORMF's brand across various touchpoints.

Looking ahead to 2024, we are already hard at work, planning and strategizing for the next installment of this beloved festival. The anticipation and enthusiasm within our team are palpable, as we're committed to elevating the festival experience even further. Our long-term partnership with ORMF is a testament to the trust and synergy that has developed between us. We look forward to continuing this journey, working hand in hand with ORMF for years to come, and contributing to the legacy of Wyoming's largest free music festival.

The challenge

Taking over the digital presence and branding for Oyster Ridge Music Festival (ORMF) presented a unique set of challenges. Balancing the festival's authentic small-town Wyoming culture with a professional and user-friendly online experience required careful consideration. Navigating the diverse interests of its audience on social media meant tailoring content for music enthusiasts, community supporters, and festival-goers from various backgrounds. Redesigning the website demanded seamless navigation, clear event information, and easy ticket purchasing options, all while capturing the essence of the festival. Designing visually striking and practical stage banners added an additional layer of complexity. Looking ahead to 2024, anticipating the evolving needs and preferences of festival-goers and staying ahead of industry trends became essential for continued success. Overcoming these challenges called for a meticulous and creative approach, underpinned by a deep understanding of both the festival's unique identity and the preferences of its diverse audience.

The Solution

In rebranding Oyster Ridge Music Festival (ORMF), our agency implemented a multifaceted strategy. We meticulously balanced the festival's genuine small-town Wyoming culture with a user-friendly online experience, achieved through extensive research and collaboration with local stakeholders. Social media management entailed tailored content for diverse audience segments, fostering a sense of community among music enthusiasts, community supporters, and attendees. The website redesign prioritized seamless navigation and ticket purchasing, ensuring an immersive online platform that encapsulated the festival's unique atmosphere. Stage banners were designed for visual impact and durability, enhancing the on-site experience. Looking ahead to 2024, early strategic planning and trend analysis will help anticipate the evolving needs of festival-goers, ensuring ORMF remains a dynamic and engaging event in the years to come. This integrated approach, rooted in creativity and a deep understanding of ORMF's identity and audience, allowed us to provide effective solutions that elevated the festival experience.

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The Results

The rebranding efforts for Oyster Ridge Music Festival (ORMF) yielded substantial positive results. The website redesign led to a marked increase in user engagement, with longer average session durations and higher conversion rates for ticket sales. The festival's social media channels saw a surge in followers and interactions, indicating a strengthened online community. The stage banners, designed for both visual impact and durability, received acclaim from attendees and contributed to an enhanced on-site experience. Overall, the cohesive approach to branding and strategic planning for 2024 generated a palpable sense of anticipation among festival-goers. These results collectively reflect a successful rebranding endeavor that has not only elevated ORMF's online presence but also heightened the overall festival experience for attendees.

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