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The Project

When Crossfit Rebuild came to us they were looking to promote brand awareness. This means having a brand that stands out and speaks to your client base. We took them from a kettlebell logo to a feeling of overall health and wellness that reaches a wider client base. 

The demographic for this business was 40+ adults working on their mobility and maintaining their health in the long term. The kettlebell can create a barrier for individuals who have preconceived notions or haven’t worked with this piece of equipment prior. Switching to bringing a ‘human’ into the logo allows for the potential client to imagine themselves in the gym.

Lastly we deemphasized the word “crossfit” because while this was the foundation of the exercises the overall goal was to be a functional fitness space.

The challenge

Rebranding Crossfit Rebuild presents a unique set of challenges. One primary concern is overcoming the preconceived notions associated with the kettlebell logo. Many potential clients in the 40+ demographic may have reservations or misconceptions about this piece of equipment. The shift towards a more holistic message of health and wellness is crucial in order to appeal to a wider audience. Additionally, striking the right balance between emphasizing the foundation in Crossfit while also promoting the functional fitness aspect will be key. Finding a visual representation that effectively communicates both elements without overwhelming or alienating potential clients will require thoughtful design and messaging.

Furthermore, rebranding efforts must ensure that the new identity resonates with the target audience of 40+ adults focused on mobility and long-term health. The challenge lies in crafting a brand image that not only appeals to this demographic but also allows them to envision themselves in the gym environment. The transition from a kettlebell logo to a more human-centric approach is a positive step in this direction, but it will be important to execute it in a way that genuinely connects with the potential clients on a personal level. Balancing these various elements while maintaining a cohesive and compelling brand identity will be a key challenge for this rebranding project.

The Solution

To successfully rebrand Crossfit Rebuild, we propose a comprehensive approach. Through in-depth market research and user feedback, we'll gain valuable insights into the preferences and needs of the 40+ demographic seeking mobility and long-term health. Our design strategy will focus on creating a versatile logo that seamlessly integrates elements of Crossfit and functional fitness, striking a balance between familiarity and innovation. Clear, persuasive messaging on the website will highlight the benefits of functional fitness, while an intuitive user interface and navigation will make it easy for potential clients to envision themselves at Crossfit Rebuild. To amplify brand awareness, we'll implement a cohesive marketing strategy, utilizing social media, content marketing, and targeted advertising to reach and engage the desired clientele across all channels.

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The Results

With the implemented rebranding strategy, Crossfit Rebuild experienced significant positive results. The website's user engagement metrics, including time spent on site and conversion rates, saw notable improvements, indicating a higher level of interest and interaction from the target demographic. The revamped logo, seamlessly combining Crossfit and functional fitness elements, successfully resonated with potential clients, resulting in increased brand recognition and recall. Additionally, the shift towards emphasizing overall health and wellness over the kettlebell imagery effectively addressed preconceived notions, leading to a more inclusive and welcoming brand perception. The integrated marketing efforts yielded impressive outreach, resulting in a notable uptick in leads and inquiries from the 40+ demographic. Overall, the rebranding initiative not only expanded Crossfit Rebuild's client base but also solidified its position as a go-to destination for functional fitness and long-term health solutions.

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