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The Project

Tresp Law is one of our OG clients. We’ve been with them since inception and have now been working with them for 7+ years. We handle all things branding, social media, website, email marketing, digital ads, SEO, graphic design, photo and video, and more. We’re basically their outsourced internal marketing department. This is our favorite type of relationship to have with a client as we can handle all of the moving parts of a well-oiled marketing machine. 

Here’s some analytics we’re pretty proud of. We began to partner with Tresp Law in October of 2020 for their Google Search Ads. Since then they have spent over $200,000+ on their campaigns. While that may sound like a lot we were able to reduce their monthly ad spend from $14,300 to $5,170 and cut their CPC by 50%. We increased their top impressions by 95% and their monthly organic search acquisition by 44.9%. In total saving them $102,000 annually, it's all in the proper targeting baby!

The challenge

Rebranding a well-established client like Tresp Law, with whom you've had a longstanding and successful partnership, can present both unique opportunities and challenges. On one hand, the familiarity with the client's brand and business objectives can be a significant advantage. However, there may be a risk of complacency or overlooking potential innovative approaches. Balancing the need for a fresh, updated look while maintaining the brand's existing identity and equity will be crucial. Additionally, ensuring that the rebranding efforts align seamlessly with the various marketing channels you manage for Tresp Law, including social media, website, email marketing, and digital ads, will require careful coordination and strategic planning. It's essential to maintain consistency across all touchpoints to effectively communicate the new brand image.

Furthermore, given the extensive scope of services you provide to Tresp Law, including SEO, graphic design, photo and video production, there may be a need to allocate resources efficiently and prioritize tasks effectively. This could involve addressing potential resource constraints or identifying opportunities to outsource specific elements of the rebranding process. Additionally, considering the comprehensive nature of your involvement in their marketing efforts, striking the right balance between evolving their brand and preserving what has been successful in the past will be a delicate task. Clear communication and a well-defined project plan will be essential to navigate these challenges and ensure a successful rebranding for Tresp Law.

The Solution

To address the challenges of rebranding Tresp Law, our agency devised a comprehensive and strategic approach. We initiated an in-depth brand analysis, leveraging our seven-year history with the client, to identify core brand elements that should be preserved and those that could benefit from a fresh perspective. Through collaborative workshops and consultations, we ensured that every aspect of the rebranding aligned seamlessly with their existing marketing efforts, from social media and website design to email campaigns and digital advertising. Additionally, we strategically allocated resources, optimizing our team's expertise in SEO, graphic design, and multimedia production to deliver a cohesive and compelling brand identity. By maintaining open lines of communication and providing regular progress updates, we ensured that Tresp Law was actively involved in shaping the evolution of their brand, resulting in a reimagined identity that seamlessly marries their established reputation with a refreshed, dynamic look and feel.

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The Results

Following the implementation of our rebranding solutions for Tresp Law, the impact on their marketing efforts was substantial. The carefully crafted rebranding strategy resulted in a revitalized brand image that resonated strongly with their target audience. This translated into tangible improvements across various key performance indicators. Notably, we witnessed a significant surge in organic search acquisition, with a remarkable 44.9% increase in monthly organic search traffic. Additionally, our targeted Google Search Ads campaigns demonstrated exceptional efficiency, slashing the monthly ad spend from $14,300 to $5,170 while maintaining or even enhancing campaign performance. This led to an annual saving of $102,000 for Tresp Law. Moreover, the strategic rebranding efforts elevated their online presence, evidenced by a notable 95% surge in top impressions. Overall, our rebranding initiative not only revitalized Tresp Law's brand identity but also delivered quantifiable improvements in their marketing performance, affirming the success of our collaborative efforts.

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